Webinar | Distributed cloud made real: Build faster, securely, anywhere

IBM Cloud services are available anywhere a client needs them, delivered as a service from a single pane of glass, controlled through the public cloud.

In this webinar, we examine the important expansion of hybrid cloud capabilities: how services are now available in any environment, on any cloud, on premises or at the edge. We discuss how the complexity of building, deploying and managing applications in multiple cloud environments can ultimately impact the customer experience – and how organisations can avoid this outcome.

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This webinar is for you if your organisation is grappling with:

  • Data residency laws that require data to remain “in-country”
  • Lack of agility, as applications sprawl across many locations, decreasing development velocity
  • Latency issues that degrade app performance
  • Lack of visibility, as IT teams may be operating as many as 5-8 cloud environments, and need visibility of their digital platform and apps for each site

We discuss increasing developer productivity, providing a single view of your applications in all environments, and shifting your team away from maintaining software to providing new value to customers, more often.

Watch this free, 60-minute virtual event to hear about IBM Cloud Satellite — a new distributed cloud solution that makes it possible to deploy cloud services securely in any environment — public cloud, on premise or at the edge. Join IBM experts to explore how distributed cloud helps teams develop and release applications fast, securely, and consistently.

Why IBM?

IBM Cloud Satellite enables our company mission of removing the “friction points” for clients trying to use cloud as a tool toward some broader business objective. In a world where 80% of applications have yet to move to cloud, Satellite is a delivery model for public cloud that allows us to “meet clients where they’re at.” It does so in three specific ways:

  • Transformation through IBM’s industry expertise
  • Proven security, governance, and compliance
  • Hybrid integration, automation, and data capabilities

For more information, please direct your enquiries to Remah Magdy at [email protected].

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