Watch | Leveraging the Autonomous Driving Datacenter Network Index

In this video, International Data Corp’s vice president of research for data centre and multi-cloud networks, Brad Casemore, introduces the Autonomous Driving Datacenter Network Index.

This IDC index, sponsored by Huawei, asks the question: “Is your data centre ready for Autonomous Driving Networks?” IDC surveyed the current status of data centre networks of 205 enterprises in different industries and with different network scales, defined the levels of data centre network automation, and explored the feasible ways to implement full automation.

The rise of cloud computing is transforming enterprise data centres into true value centres. More than mere resource support systems, data centres are now becoming a new driver for productivity.

Frequent changes to services, allied to larger-scale servers, are making data centre network deployment (DCN), operations and maintenance increasingly difficult. Enterprises are facing new challenges: How can they improve service deployment efficiency and accelerate troubleshooting, and how can they ensure the stability of DCNs, 24/7?

Casemore reveals that 90% of organisations surveyed identify a fully autonomous data centre network as a goal within two years. Exploring the journey of network automation, he breaks down the data centre network index, and focuses on how organisations can determine where they are in the automation journey – and how to advance along the path to full automation.


He provides insight into the biggest challenges organisations are facing with regard to the data centre network, based on IDC’s research, and discusses responses ranging from compute and storage automation to managing multivendor network infrastructure, agility and AI-enabled network intelligence.

Watch Casemore’s overview of the IDC survey above, or find more information here.

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