The best website in South Africa to reach technology decision makers

TechCentral is South Africa’s leading business-focused technology news website. If your company sells technology solutions to other companies, there is no better platform to reach this valuable audience of decision makers.

With TechCentral, you reach the people who make the big ICT buying decisions, no matter the industry sector. And very importantly, you’re not getting your message crowded out by a large consumer audience that has no interest in what you’re selling.

TechCentral is the most powerful and trusted B2B technology platform in South Africa. And we are proud to partner with a growing list of successful companies in the ICT industry, helping them engage with technology decision makers in business.

The publication’s commercial offerings provide clients excellent exposure through advertising, content marketing (including promoted articles), thought leadership pieces, rich media, webinars and video interviews. And we back this up with our industry-leading CRM team, who will work with you and your company every step of the way.

Make the right decision for your marketing needs: partner and grow with the winning team in South African ICT  media. For more information, please reach out to Natalie Kock to get the conversation started.

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