TechCentral: The market leader in B2B in South Africa

When it comes to business-to-business technology marketing, there is no better platform to reach a valuable audience of business decision makers in South Africa than TechCentral.

That’s because TechCentral writes about business, for business.

November is always a useful month to demonstrate clearly to the market which technology publications are focused on a consumer audience, and which ones are tailored towards business readers and business decision makers.

Consumer-focused publications spent November running endless stories about Black Friday deals, like where to get discounts on PlayStations and TVs. They do that because it gets a lot of clicks from consumers. Business technology publications simply sit Black Friday out – or at least the consumer aspects of it.

The distinction here is, of course, critical, because if a company is trying to sell an enterprise software solution, for example, it’s important that they ensure their marketing is correctly directed.

There’s a big market demand for consumer-focused tech content. But the publications that address that market are not B2B. It’s important that you don’t let your message get lost in the noise!

We are B2B

TechCentral partners with a growing list of companies in the ICT sector, helping them engage with technology decision makers in business. The publication’s commercial offerings allow clients exposure through advertising, thought leadership pieces, rich media, webinars and podcast interviews to educate and encourage dialogue with their most targeted prospects and expand their business opportunities.

TechCentral is the most powerful B2B technology platform in South Africa and the best way of reaching IT business decision makers. For more information about how TechCentral can help your company, please don’t hesitate to contact Natalie Kock today to get the conversation started. We are B2B!

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