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Yaxxa, a leading, proudly South African business technology solutions provider, is constantly developing and evolving its products to guarantee best-of-breed solutions at affordable prices.

According to Yaxxa CEO Heinz Vollmer, the call centre as we know it has morphed into an integrated being because of constantly changing technology.

“Call centres used to be predominantly ‘call’ only, but people now want to be able to communicate on different platforms,” says Vollmer.

Yaxxa’s Omni-channel Contact Centre allows our customers and providers to communicate with their customers on a portal or media platform of their choice – be it SMS, WhatsApp, e-mail (with attachments), Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Zoho and others,” he says.

Yaxxa has also built innovative new features into its omni-channel contact centre solution, namely sticky agent, skills-based dialling and language-based dialling.

“Almost everyone has experienced a call centre call when, after waiting on the line for 10 minutes for a call centre agent, eventually providing your details and stating the problem, the call dies. Now what? You have to call back and go through the whole process again,” says Vollmer.

Stick agent

“With sticky agent, if you call back from the same number within a pre-set period, you will go straight back to the contact centre agent you were dealing with. While this sounds simple, it’s an amazing feature that enables the customer to have a much better experience.”

Yaxxa introduced skills-based dialling as not everyone in a contact centre environment has the skills to handle certain problems.

“Skills-based dialling allows you to direct calls to the right people, who have the right skill set to handle the problem. This feature can be customised for every client and contact centre,” Vollmer explains.

“Language-based dialling is incredible, especially for our beautiful rainbow nation which has 11 official languages. With language-based dialling, you can select to be communicated to in the language of your choice,” he adds.

Another innovative feature of Yaxxa’s Omni-channel Contact Centre is customised reporting.

“We want our customers to be able to be creative. From a unified communications platform, we receive all the intelligence and data that our clients need to offer a better service. We are not proprietary; we offer our customers a platform in which they can design and create their own custom reports,” says Vollmer.

Integrating other products

If potential customers are interested in Yaxxa’s Omni-channel Contact Centre solution, but have other products that fulfil some of their requirements, these can be integrated into the Yaxxa’s solution.

“This is the beauty of our platform. We have wonderful products that have already been integrated with our application programming interface, such as CRM solutions like Zoho and We are also busy integrating Microsoft Dynamics. Various social media platforms and e-mail are already integrated,” says Vollmer.

“We have customers who have already spent money on their own CRM solutions and other software that they would like to integrate. Yaxxa is an enabler. We offer frictionless integrations with our platform, allowing our clients to continue to use their current applications or software,” he says.

Yaxxa provides contact centre solutions, for small and large contact centres, for all types of setups, including all the software and hardware needed to run an omni-channel contact centre.

“Our omni-channel contact centre solutions will help streamline the customer experience, across all channels, ensuring that context is preserved and that agents are able to follow the conversation across all channels,” Vollmer says.

Other Yaxxa Omni-Channel Contact Centre features

The solution is transparent, allowing customers to operate their contact centre based on full disclosure – internally and externally. “Our contact centre solutions give you full transparency regarding costs and agent activity. You can share all relevant information in your contact centre with a real-time agent dashboard that reports all agent activity; and monitor progress with customised reports as a value-added feature,” says Vollmer.

The solution offers full control. “Our clients can keep tabs on their agents and their calls, with full control to listen in and monitor live calls. This tool is ideal for supervisors, quality assurance and for team leaders to train agents or assist with complicated queries.”

In addition, various diallers can be used, from an auto dialler for an outbound contact centre solution that automatically dials clients to deliver an automated message or connects a customer to a live agent once the call has been answered; to a predictive dialler that predicts the duration of each agent’s calls and dials a new number in advance of the agent being free. Other diallers include the progressive dialler, manual dialler, promotional dialler and preview dialler.

Let Yaxxa help you to connect your business to the world!

For more information, visit, call 011 467 8414 or e-mail [email protected] (Johannesburg). Alternatively, call 021 207 3300 or e-mail [email protected] (Western Cape).

About Yaxxa
Founded in 2016, the Yaxxa team is united behind our common goal to bring you new and fresh ideas, constantly developing and evolving our products to guarantee high-quality, efficient solutions while ensuring value for money. Centrally based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, we are a tier-1 service provider with our own electronic communications services licence.

Having developed our own hosted PBX, Omni Channel Contact Centre, APN and IoT platforms, Yaxxa has the knowledge and experience to provide you with a wide array of voice and data solutions, including voice-over IP, hosted cloud solutions and MPLS/SDWAN network services. As a major player in the South African business telecommunications market, Yaxxa offers access to high-quality converged voice and data solutions which we develop, control and manage ourselves.

Partnering with only the best upstream providers, and aggregating them through a consultative approach, we assist our customers to create unified communications solutions designed to meet your specific business needs and support you in reaching your full potential.

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