Everything PC S01E05 – ‘Nvidia: The Green Goblin’

Nvidia is one of the most interesting – and controversial – companies in the computer industry today.

In episode 5 of TechCentral’s new podcast series, Everything PC, show hosts Gerhard Pretorius and Duncan McLeod tackle the “Green Goblin” – Pretorius’s description for Nvidia – and have a look at why it is simultaneously admired, feared and even loathed in the computer industry.

Founded almost 30 years ago by Taiwanese-American businessman and technologist Jensen Huang — who continues to serves as CEO — Nvidia was (and is) a pioneer in computer graphics. But the company’s rise to the top has been littered with controversies, including aggressive litigation.

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Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Where the name Nvidia comes from
  • Why Nvidia is not particularly liked by its industry peers
  • Why the company tried to buy ARM (and why it failed)
  • The GPU shortage and why it’s finally easing
  • Why the data centre is so important for Nvidia – and how did a GPU maker end up as a major player in the data centre?
  • What can gamers look forward to in the RTX 4000 line being introduced later this year?
  • Much more besides

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