Creating a cloud-ready infrastructure with Dimension Data and Dell

From left, Dimension Data’s Mark Louw and Frans Taueatsoala, and Dell Technologies’ Steve Clewlow

What does it take to build a cloud-ready infrastructure, and how can Dimension Data and Dell Technologies help you do it?

We answer those questions in this podcast interview with executives from both companies.

TechCentral is joined by Mark Louw, alliances manager at Dimension Data, Frans Taueatsoala, cloud product manager (private cloud) at Dimension Data, and Steve Clewlow, alliance director at Dell Technologies, to unpack this important topic.

Louw kicks off the discussion with his views on how Dimension Data differs in this area from other systems integrators, while Taueatsoala talks about his experiences in terms of customers’ cloud transformation journeys.

Clewlow, who is based in London, talks about how Dell works with Dimension Data – and its parent NTT – and unpacks some of the global trends around cloud adoption that Dell is seeing right now and how the company is positioning itself to take advantage of those trends.

Whether your company has already begun its cloud journey or is still only considering its options, this podcast will provide interesting insights into market trends – including in security – and the current best-practice thinking around implementation and working with systems integrators like Dimension Data.

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