Cheap and affordable Web hosting from R12.50

If you are on a low budget, our Budget Web Hosting is for you.  It’s cheap and affordable.

Don’t let the terms budget web hosting or cheap web hosting fool you, professionalism is still part of the deal with our 99.9% uptime guarantee. And it has all of the latest technologies and features for you to host the perfect website with maximum performance.  It has cPanel to easily manage all of your web hosting requirements like your email accounts, FTP access and databases.

Budget Web Hosting is the easiest way to start up that new website idea at the fraction of the cost with all of the features of every other professional web hosting solution out there.

Our Budget Hosting packages are suitable for your Joomla, WordPress and Drupal start-ups.

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Comes with easy installation script for your favourite CMS

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Drupal

and much more with just the click of a button.

  • cPanel Version 64.0 (build 36)
  • Apache Version 2.4.27
  • PHP Version 7.0.21
  • MySQL Version 5.6.35
  • Architecture x86_64
  • Operating System Linux
  • Perl Version 5.10.1
  • Kernel Version 2.6.32-042stab113.21
From R12.50 p/m*
250 Megabyte Disk Space
2Gb Monthly Bandwidth
1 FTP Account
5 E-mail Account
1 E-mail List
1 Database
From R25 p/m*
500 Mb Disk Space
5Gb Monthly Bandwidth
3 FTP Accounts
10 E-mail Accounts
2 E-mail Lists
3 Databases
1 Sub Domains
1 Parked Domains
FREE Domain name**
From R33.33 p/m*
1Gb Disk Space
10Gb Monthly Bandwidth
5 FTP Accounts
15 E-mail Accounts
3 E-mail Lists
5 Databases
2 Sub Domains
1 Parked Domains
1 Add-on Domain
FREE Domain Name***
From R83.33 p/m*
3Gb Disk Space
30Gb Monthly Bandwidth
7 FTP Accounts
20 E-mail Accounts
4 E-mail Lists
7 Databases
3 Sub Domains
2 Parked Domains
2 Add-on Domain
FREE Domain Name****

* When purchased annually.

** Free from 6 months

*** Free from 3 months

**** Free from the start

Domains are free for the first year only.  Renews normally.